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First time in World by Man and Woman

Who is First in World

The first person to climb Mount EverestSherpa Tenzing & Edmund Hillary
The first person to reach North PoleRobert Peary
The first person to reach South PoleRonald Amundsen
The first religion of the WorldSanatan Dharma
The first country to print a booksChina
The first country to issue paper currencyChina
The first country to commence competitive examination in Civil serviceChina
The first Prime Minister of BritainRobert Walpole
The first President of U.S.A.George Washington
The first Secretary General of the United NationsTrigveli (Norway)
The first country to win Football World CupUruguay (in 1930)
The first country to make a ConstitutionU.S.A.
The first Governor General of PakistanMohd. Ali Jinnah
The first country make eduction compulsoryPrussia
The first University of the WorldTaxila University
The first city to be attacked with Atom BombHeroshima (in Japan)
The first President of the Republic of ChinaDr. Sun Yat-sen
The first country to host the modern Olympic gamesGreece
The first country to launch artificial satellite into space around the WorldRussia (Former USSR), The first person to sail Ferdinand Magellan
The first European to visit ChinaMarco Polo
The first summit of NAM was organized Belgrade (former Yugoslavia)
The first Space Shuttle launchedColumbia
The first woman Prime Minister of EnglandMargaret Thatcher
The first woman Prime Minister of Muslim countryBenazir Bhutto (Pakistan)
The first woman Prime Minister of a countryS. Bhandarnayake (Sri Lanka)
The first woman climb Mt. EverestJunko Tabei (Japan)
The first woman to reach AntarcticaCaroline Michaelson
The first man to compile EncyclopediaAspheosis (Athens)
The first man to draw the map of earthAnexemander
The first male space touristDennis Tito
The first female space touristMrs. Anousheh Ansari © 2017 all right reserved