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Indian Post/Mail Services

Indian Post/Mail Services

1766Establishment of first Indian Postal system by Lord Clive in India
1774 Establishment of first G.P.O. in Kolkata by Warren Hastings
1786 Establishment of Madras G.P.O
1793Establishment of G.P.O. at Mumbai
1854On October 1, 1854, Indian Post Office was recognised as of national importance and was brought under the authority of Director General
1863Railway Mail Service (R.M.S.) was started
1873Sale of engraving envelopes was started
1876Indian started Parcel Postal Unit
1877V.P.P. started
1879Post Card started
1880Money-order Service started
1911First airmail sent from Allahabad to Naini
1935Indian Postal Order started
1972Pincode system became operational
1984Postal Life Insurance started
1985Post and telephone departments separated
1986Speed Post Service started
1990At Mumbai and Chennai, two automatic postal edition Centres started
1995Rural Postal Insurance started
1996Media Postal Service started
1997Business Postal Service started
1998Data Dak and Express Dak Services started
1999Greeting Post Service started
2000Electronic fund transfer service started
2002Track and Tax Service based on internet started
2003Bill mail Service started
2004e-Postal Service, Logistic Post Service started. Year 2004 celebrated as a 150th year of the Indian Post Office. The establishment of the dept. of Post Office is to be considered from this very year
2011On March 9, 2011 Indian Post launched an online e-post office
2013Telegram, also known as Taar, the 160 years old service in India, closed on July 15, 2013 by the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) of India © 2017 all right reserved