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The Universe is everything

The Universe

The Universe is all existing bodies, space, and energy together. Its consists billions of stars, solar system, galaxies, planets,moon etc.Studies about the Universe is known as Cosmology and origin of the Universe is explained by the Big Bang Theory.

The major components of The Universe

  1. STARS
  4. THE SUN
  7. MOON
  8. EARTH


Star is clumps of dust and gas together by its own gravity. There are millions of stars and emit light due to hot burning gas so its own shines. Stars are very huge and hot. For example sun is the star, nearest to the Earth. There are few names of stars, Arcturus, Alpha centauri, Spica,the Sun etc.


Galaxy is group huge number of stars,gas,dust and dark matter with its own gravity and move through the universe independently of the Milky Way. A galaxy has 100 billion stars. Dwarf Galaxy is the largest known galaxy.Below are list of some important galaxy name

  1. Milky Way
  2. Large Magellanic Cloud
  3. Small Magellanic Cloud
  4. Canis Major Dwarf
  5. Elliptical Galaxy
  6. Dwarf galaxies
  7. Ursa Minor Dwarf
  8. Ursa Major Dwarf
  9. Draco Dwarf
  10. Phoenix Dwarf


The Solar System is collection of the Sun, the eight planets and their satellites, asteroids, comets and meteors together.


The Sun is a star, spherical shining heavenly body. It is nearest start to the Earth. The Sun is at the centre of the solar system. It is composed of 71% Hydrogen, 26.5% Helium and 2.5% other elements. The Sunlight takes 8 minutes and 16.6 second to reach the Earth surface.


Planets are the celestial bodies which revolve around the Sun. There are composed of metals, rocks and gases. Planets do not illuminate own, but they radiate the light received from the Sun. There are eight Planets in Solar System.

  1. Mercury
  2. Venus
  3. Earth
  4. Mars
  5. Jupiter
  6. Saturn
  7. Uranus
  8. Neptune


Satellites are the bodies which revolve around the planets. All planets have satellites except Venus and Mercury. There are approximately 180 satellites in our Solar System. Moon is the satellite of the Earth. Ganymeda is the biggest Satellite and Deimos is the smallest Satellite.


The moon revolves around the earth while rotating on its axis. The moon is a only natural satellite of the earth.There is no atmosphere, no twilight and no sound on moon.


The earth is the fifth largest planet in the solar system.The earth is the only planet where there is existence of life.

Black Hole

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