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Problem on Ages

There is so many question related to age. Sometime in question two people or more than two people’s is in ratio, percentage and other format. There is some trice to solve this type of question. All questions of ages similarly have some basic step to solve that.

Example: A man is 24 Year older than his son. In two Years, his age will be twice the age of his son. Find the Present age of the son and father?

First of all assume the present age of the both father and son.
Son present age: X
Father present age: Y
According to the first statement in question: A man is 24 year older than his son
Y= (X+24)
Y – X = 24 ------- (Eq.1)
According to the second statement in question: In two years, his son’s age will be twice the age of his father
Age of son two years: X+2
Age of son two years: Y+2
(Y+2) = 2(X+2)
Y+2 = 2X+4
Y – 2X = 2------- (Eq.2)
Now, solve the equation Eq.1 and Eq.2
Y – X = 24
Y – 2X = 2
X = 22
Son age is 22 years
Put X = 22 in Eq.1
Y – X = 24
Y – 22 = 24
Y = 24 + 22 = 46
Father age is 46 years