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largest and biggest in India

India's Biggest, Highest,Largest, Longest and Smallest Things

The Largest animal Fair in IndiaSonepur (Bihar)more
The Largest Auditorium in IndiaSri Shanmukhanand Hall (Mumbai)more
The Largest Lake in IndiaWular lake (Jammu & Kashmir)more
The Largest Mosque in IndiaJama Masjid (Delhi)more
The Largest Desert in IndiaThar (Rajasthan)more
The Largest cave Temple in IndiaKailash Temple (Maharashtra)more
The Largest Zoo in IndiaZoological Garden (Kolkata)more
The Largest Delta in IndiaSunderbans (West Bangal)more
The Largest Dome in IndiaGol Gumbuz, Bijapur (Karnataka)more
The Largest Public Sector Bank in IndiaState Bank of Indiamore
The Largest Sea Bridge in IndiaAnna Indira Gandhi Bridge (Tamil Nadu0more
The Largest saline water Lake in IndiaChilka Lake (Odisha)more
The Largest fresh water Lake in IndiaKolleur Lake (Andhra Pradesh)more
The Largest Cave in IndiaAmarnath (Jammu & Kashmir)more
The Largest Gurudwara in IndiaGolden Temple (Amritsar)more
The Largest Artificial Lake in IndiaGovind Sagar (Bhakra Nangal)more
The Largest River without delta in IndiaNarmada and Taptimore
The Largest Planetarium in IndiaBirla Planetarium (Kolkata)more
The Largest Church in IndiaSaint Cathedralmore
The Highest Dam in IndiaBhakhra Dam, on Sutlej River (Punjab)more
The Highest Peak in IndiaGodwin Austenmore
The Highest waterfall in IndiaJog or Garsoppa (Karnataka)more
The Highest Gate Way in IndiaBuland Darwaza, Fatehpur Sikri (UP)more
The Highest Lake in IndiaDevtal Lake, Garhwal (Uttarakhand)more
The Highest Award in IndiaBharat Ratnamore
The Highest Gallantry Award in IndiaParam Vir Chakramore
The Highest Road in IndiaRoad at Khardungla (in Lehmanali Sector)more
The Highest battle Field and the longest Glacier in IndiaSiachen Glaciermore
The Highest Airport in IndiaLeh Airport (Ladakh)more
The Longest river Bridge in IndiaMahatma Gandhi Setu Patna (5.515 km)more
The Longest Tunnel in IndiaJawahar Tunnel, Banihal Pass (Jammu & Kashmir)more
The Longest Corridor in IndiaCorridor of Ramnathswamimore
The Longest Road in IndiaGrand Trunk Road (Kolkata to Delhi)more
The Longest River in IndiaThe Ganga (2640 km. long)more
The Longest Museum in IndiaIndia Museum (Kolkata)more
The Longest Canal in IndiaIndira Gandhi Canal or Rajasthan Canel (Rajasthan)more
The Longest Railway platform in IndiaKharagpur (West Bengal)more
The Longest Passenger Train Route in IndiaJammu Tawi to Kanyakumarimore
The Longest river of southern India in IndiaGodawarimore
The Longest Dam in IndiaHirakund Dam Chakramore
The Longest Sea Beach in IndiaMarina Beach (Chennai)more
The Longest National Highway in IndiaNH-7 (Varanashi to Kanyakumari)more
The state with Maximum forest Area in IndiaMadhya Pradeshmore
The tallest Statue in IndiaStatue of Unity Gujaratmore
The Biggest canti lever Bridge in IndiaRabindra Setu or Howrah Bridge (Kolkata)more
The Biggest Stadium in IndiaYuva Bharti (Salt Lake) Stadium (Kolkata)more
The Biggest Church in IndiaSaint Cathedral at old Goa (Goa)more
The Biggest river Island in IndiaMajuli Bramhaputra river (Assam)more
The Most populous City in IndiaMumbai (Maharashtra)more
The Oldest Church in IndiaSt. Thomas Church at Palayar Trichur (Kerala)more
The state with longest Coast line in IndiaGujaratmore
The Tallest TV Tower in IndiaPitampura (New Delhi)more
The southern Indian state with Longest Coast line in IndiaAndhra Pradeshmore
The Deepest River Valley in IndiaBhagirathi and Alaknandamore
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